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  • Will I Receive A Duck In The Mail?
    We don't send a physical duck to you because it would be impossible for us to make sure all the ducks showed up to race at the same time. Your adopted duck will live with us until race day. We will give it a number and send you an email with your duck number.
  • Can I Watch The Race In Person?
    We are working with the City of Canton to get some viewing areas cleared out around the waterway at Etowah River Park. Viewing of the race will be limited to the areas they clear. The foot bridge connecting Etowah River Park and Heritage Park will be controlled access for the event. A bridge access pass can be purchased by emailing and letting us know you are interested in the pass.
  • How Will The Ducks Be Cleaned Up?
    We have an extensive clean-up plan in place which has been approved by the officials at the City of Canton. The best part of our plan is that it serves two purposes: 1) It gets all of our trapped friends rescued and 2) It will get a beautiful (and underutilized) part of our amazing city some attention from folks who need to know it is there...water enthusiasts like kayakers and tubers. We have also met with a board member of the Upper Etowah River Alliance and told them all about the event and clean-up plan. They are excited about the level of detail we are putting on the clean-up efforts. We know the river and surrounding environment is of utmost importance at an event like this and we have done a tremendous amount of planning to make sure we address as many concerns as possible about the event.
  • Are these real ducks or fake ones?
    All of the ducks racing are 100%not real. We have never tried it, but we couldn't imagine wrangling thousands of live ducks. It seems worse than herding cats. But we have never tried that either so we could be totally wrong. Either way...all the racers are PVC vinyl ducks that will go into hibernation after the race.
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